Connecting the Dots


I feel stuck –

like standing in mud

sucking my boots

into the mire of bad memories –

How to pull out –

    flee this fearsome place?


A question startles me

out of my dark solitude.

Where is the Light?

A tiny spark catches my eye.

I see the brook that flows

just beyond my toes.


Take one small step, it whispers,

out on the first solid rock

of a bright memory.


It had been hiding –

waiting to be found

to bear my weight.


Courageously, I step out

balancing on one rock

which invites me to another . . .

and another and another

until I am carried over

the sparkling water.


Like connecting the dots

the rocks draw me across

to a safe place and

create a new image of myself.



Jannel Glennie, 2017


Chapel Window, All Saints Episcopal Church, East Lansing