Leaning Forward, Falling Backward


On first sight, I felt myself

leaning forward into love.

What was it?

How could I know?


Was it his eyes or tanned face?

Was it his stature or dark hair?

But, no, my heart could not

observe such things.

My sight had expanded

to perceive beyond skin

and my heart leaned forward

to love his heart.


But, as time went on

as our hearts learned more

I discovered I could also

fall backward into love.


Seeing him young and naughty –

Picturing him riding a bike

or catching a ball,

or skating for a trophy –

I fell backward with him

as he learned to read

and turned the pages of Danny the Duck

over and over and over

until the cover was lost and only stitches

held the rest of the pages.


Yes, we must lean forward into love –

to plan together and live into

whatever will be –

but, it is falling backward

that holds us upright and strong.


Happy 50th, My Love.