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Lumen House

The Thin Veil


walking a familiar country road

grey skies promising rain

moments before the deluge

I meet a neighbor


What is her name?

yet we greet friendly

great morning!

out before the rain!

How are you?

How are you?


I say my brother just died.

She looks sad.

I tell her about him

she listens carefully

and finally I say


those are heavy thoughts

for this lovely morning

suddenly self-conscious

She throws her arms out wildly

It’s good to unburden.


We walk our separate ways.

I wonder at the thin veil of my heart.


Then I see it – the hundred-year maple

thick carpeted in bright yellow

naked arms thrown out wildly

free of her burden

for another year

gifting me beauty in her loss.


     Jannel Glennie, All Saints Day, 2018

Dedicated to my brother, William Thomas, who died on October 28, 2018